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As the sun starts to shine a little longer and the days get a little warmer, it’s time to draw back the curtains and bring your winter den back to life! It is always great to create a home that changes with the seasons, that’s why we have put together five home improvement and styling tips to prepare your home for spring in Queensland.


1.    Add Some Spring Colours

As the natural world begins to flourish with colour, so should your home’s interior. Colour is your best friend in the springtime. Natural light reflects beautifully off bright spring colours making a space feel warm, radiant and open. Adding bright yellow and green spring colour combinations in the form of vases and cushions will add splashes of colour around your home. Painting a feature wall is another fantastic way to transform your living space.


2.    Bring the outdoors in

Spring is all about open spaces and bringing the outdoors in. Opening up your living space by adding bi-fold doors that connect your living room and patio will create a beautiful open space that seamlessly transitions from outdoor to indoor. We also suggest decorating your home with indoor plants; this not only adds a natural life and colourful vibrance to your home but also helps purify the air. 

RYCON Constructions - Luxury Home Builders Brisbane - Warma St

3.    Prepare your garden

Springtime is all about blooming flowers, lush foliage and green grass. The delightful warm air and glowing sunlight are enough to compel anyone to bring their garden back to life. Giving your garden a spring clean by clearing away debris and weeds is the perfect place to start when preparing for spring. Adding fresh fertiliser will get moisture back to your garden bed and keep down weeds. Planting spring flowers such as Mandevilla’s and Jasmine will add colour; you can also pot some spring flowers and scatter them outside and inside your home.

RYCON Constructions - Luxury Home Builders Brisbane

4.    Set up your outdoor entertainment area

You will no doubt want to start living alfresco when spring comes around. An outdoor entertainment area with updated furniture and plenty of sunlit spaces creates the perfect place for your friends and family to spend their days. Adding a fresh coat of paint or new wood to your deck will also fortify your space for entertaining outdoors.

5.    Let the natural light into your home!

It’s not just free; natural light is a healthy and comfortable way to enjoy the indoors all year round. It also brings warmth and helps make rooms feel more inviting. Filling spaces with natural light is a great way to make your home more sustainable, as you save on heating and lighting costs throughout the day. Upgrading your windows or installing skylights will optimise your home’s natural light and help keep your home warm throughout the day. Remember to open skylights and windows throughout the day to circulate air and freshen up your home.

RYCON Constructions - Luxury Home Builders Brisbane - Warma St

The RYCON Constructions team are the experts in in designing homes that chagne with the seasons.

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