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More than just a modern space or plain, colourless box, minimalism is a concept that emphasises functional design and a sleek aesthetic.

Since it began in the 20th century as a response to traditional design, minimalism has continued to grow in popularity. The idea that “less is more” sounds good to most in theory, but designing your living space to be practical and artistically pleasing can often be more daunting than one would expect. Here we outline five simple and easy interior ideas to make any new home luxurious.

1. Use a simple Colour Scheme

Using simple colours is the basis of good minimalist interior design. Eliminate any extraneous colours and limit yourself to two or three major tones. This isn’t to say you should refrain from using any colour, as minimalism is more than just black and white. Just try to focus on more subtle undertones. You can add variety to your room with soft shades of brown or teal, or if you want to give your space a focal point, add a pop of colour!

2. Focus on quality rather than quantity

In keeping within the pared-back aesthetic, you only have a few items to work with in any one space so finding the right pieces can be trickier than usual. Ultimately, you want to create a space that you can feel comfortable in – so it pays to invest in quality. Trendy new pieces may look like the perfect fit for your minimalist décor, but if they’re not made to last, they won’t survive daily use or look perfect for very long. Embrace practicality and go with the design that best suits your needs, not the latest craze.

3. ‘Less is more’ applies to furnishings

In minimalist house design, the concept of ‘less is more’ doesn’t always refer to a single object. In fact, it’s often more to do with how you select pieces for a specific space. Ultimately, there may not be much furniture in your room, but that should be because each item was chosen with great care. If you take the time to consider the colours, tones, and shapes of your space then you will find it easier to incorporate fewer furnishings that complement your minimalist aesthetic.

4. Give your space a focal point

Finish off your room with a centrepiece that serves as the main focal point. Whether it be a beautiful rug, chic sofa, or ornate mirror, the idea is to have something that draws attention and gives complement to the tone of the room. When envisioning your minimalist home, imagine your furniture and other items as though they are placed around one central point. Finding the perfect centrepiece can take time, so this idea will help you to create an effective look while you’re searching.

5. Cut the Clutter

Minimalism, naturally, is all about keeping things to a minimum. There’s no space for clutter often because storage units fit smoothly into surfaces and walls, allowing for a seamless, clean design. If you desire the minimalist look, you must also live the lifestyle and only keep the possessions you really need. You want to be creating beautiful open spaces, with small decorative items that tie everything in the room together. So, don’t overflow your mantelpieces with knick-knacks and look to efficient, new storage methods to help you disperse some of the clutter that comes with everyday life.

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