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Whether your luxury home is nestled amongst greenery or situated along the bay, we all have our own idea of what it should look like. What makes a house unique is its notable features—whether that be the spacious interior, strategic natural light placement, or beautiful exterior. Check out the latest luxury home trends we’re loving!  

1. Soft light kitchens

When it comes to designing your dream kitchen, lighting is an easy way to make a statement. Playing with different textures, like steel against timber features and matte splashbacks, creates a minimal yet sleek aesthetic.

Pair this with a unique lighting fixture to create a focal point in an otherwise monochrome space.

renovated white kitchen close
modern kitchen with marble tops and wooden floors

2. Sophisticated master suites

Your bedroom is where you start and end your day, so make sure it is one of your favourite rooms!

Master suites with large headboards and walk in wardrobes mimic the luxe sanctuary that many of us long for. Pair this with mixed textures, soft tones, and crisp linen sheets for extra cosiness!   

bedroom with large window
Norman Park Renovation - RYCON Constructions Brisbane Home Builders

3. Marble bathrooms

Luxe bathrooms featuring unusual marble is a trend we are loving right now. Have you thought about pairing a rich marble with an accent chrome? Exuding bold yet subtle glamour that absolutely stuns, this contemporary combination creates a major impact within a small space.

white and black bathroom with marble shower
white and black bathroom with marble tops

4. An alfresco oasis

Now is the perfect time to design your outdoor entertaining space for your luxury home! Achieve alfresco flair with a fully equipped kitchen and spacious dining area, modern lighting fixtures, and plush sofa cushions.

Keep in mind your outdoor space should feel like an extension of your home, so remember to choose textures, tones and finishes that are complimentary to your interior.

kitchen trends 2020 | Rycon Construction Qld
Wine Cellar Exterior shot build

5. Home cinemas

Home theatres provide a new level of sophisticated entertainment to your home, particularly when the room has been modified to comfortably accommodate the technology. Incorporate recliners, ambient lighting, and acoustics together with ornate furnishings and neutral colour palettes to produce a light, airy space that doesn’t look out of place when not in use.

RYCON Constructions - Luxury Home Builders Brisbane - Vidgen Lane Kenmore

Are you inspired by these features and looking to build a new home in Brisbane? As luxury home builders, we offer complete service and support from start to finish. Contact us today for a complimentary discussion about your dream home. 

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