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Raising your Queenslander is among many of the great ways to renovate your Queenslander home it is one of the best investments you can make. There are  many great benefits to raising your Queenslander from creating a bigger space for you and your family, to added protection against the elements.


Creating More Space

Raising your home is a great way to create more space without compromising your yard area. The new space can provide more living areas, storage space, garage, or bedrooms. Downstairs areas are often cooler than the upstairs rooms, making them the perfect escape from hot Brisbane summers. Raising your Queenslander will maintain the home’s appearance while achieving the extension that you desire.

As a homeowner, you must also consider any limitations imposed on your home regarding heritage listings. These regulations are in place to maintain the homes classic appearance even after renovations. Check out this guide to heritage listing by the Brisbane City Council.

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Taking Advantage of the Views

If you are based in a hilly Brisbane suburb, a key benefit to raising your Queenslander home is to access the view of your stunning surrounding.

Whether you’re facing the river and the cityscape around it, or the scattered forestry in the outer suburbs, raising your home will give you access to these beautiful new vistas.

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Added Protection for your Home

In Brisbane, flood damage prevention is a key reason for raising your Queenslander, especially in low-lying suburbs prone to flooding during heavy rainfall. Lifting your home is an excellent investment in safety, as it aids in protecting your home against flood damage.

To guarantee your home is safely raised, make sure your house raising contractor is a registered member of the Queensland Building and Construction Commission (QBCC). RYCON Constructions are a QBCC registered building company and are well-versed in Queensland’s house raising regulations and height restrictions as determined by the council flood maps.

Adding Value to your Home

Overall, raising and renovating your Queenslander home provides extra living space and creates stunning views while maintaining yard space.  These benefits offer added value to your home. Homebuyers look for spacious homes that they can make their own; when presented with a large, spacious, and airy home, they are likely to be drawn to it. 

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